The Ripple

An interactive art experience

The Ripple is a meditative poetry created by the heart beats of the participants.

I am passionate about applying technology to create experiences that is a catalyst in awakening our irrefutable humanity. Through this project I wanted to share with the participants an insight from my personal meditation practice. I conceptualized, built and presented this project as part of the creative code immersive at the Gray Area Foundation.

The participants placed their fingers on heart sensors which communicated to the javscript via an arduino board connected to a node server. The waves react to the beat of the particpants hearts. Working with analog devices comes with its own set up considerations that I was a bit unfamiliar with. Some of the challenges that showed up during the making were trying to extract usable data from the sensors. The physical space of the experience was designed to create an organic atmosphere. The crawling plant and the yarn create a tactile living environment. The music in the video was not part of the live experience.