Hututu is a multi-touch interface for collaborative visual brainstorming. The users create an Interactive Visual Palette that they can share with their clients. Its cloud based technology enables a continuous work flow across devices. It is designed for mobile, web as well as large screen projection experiences.

I conceptualized, designed and developed the prototype over a period of 18 months. Every decision can be traced back to a discovery I made during the 18 month process. The prototype is best viewed on a 15.6" touch screen Windows laptop.

Use-Case Scenario. Here the team uses Hututu to collaborate remotely, eventually leading to a real time collaboration on a projection device. The goal was to maintain continuity of the user's work flow across devices keeping in mind the user's contextual scenario.

Hututu Hututu Hututu

A concept video showing real time collaboration on a projection interface.

Hututu Hututu Hututu Hututu Hututu Hututu Hututu

Research to understand the visual ideation process

Hututu Hututu Hututu Hututu

User Testing-Paper Prototype